About Maisy & Grace


She’s your Nana.
She bottles her own fruit and pickles her own onions.
She gives you homemade jam in old jars with tartan fabric and string.
Her favourite phrase is ‘waste not, want not!’
Her linen and clothing is meticulously ironed, starched and scented.
She drinks tea from her favourite English Rose tea cup, with gingernut biscuits.
She makes the best rewena bread, steamed pudding in a cloth, and always has dough boys in her boil up.
She loves a simple life.
She smells like roses.

She’s your favourite Aunty.
She lets you play in mud, and build huts until dark time.
She always has a jar of lollies and a packet of mallowpuffs.
She knits, sews, crochets, and can turn any piece of junk into a piece of art.
She recycles, upcycles, composts and keeps a fine vege garden.
She loves dancing, singing, and trying new things.
Her table always has a bunch of hand picked flowers.
She’s fun, carefree, creative, and forever youthful.
She is the ultimate hostess, and loves pretty things.



Award winning photographer, designer of pretty things both big and small, DIY junkie. Β She’s often found aimlessly wandering the paint chip aisle, or inappropriately stroking beautiful stationery. During some of her more lucid moments, she enjoys sharing a cuppa at the local with friends, family picnics on the beach, and taking her 2 little boys for a cruise in “Lola” – the resident 61 VW Beetle.

Lover of the simple pleasures which make life beautiful.

Creative behindΒ Cherry On Top Photography

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