Pie time!!

First off, I have to say a huge thanks to my talented friends Dan and Jo from Wild Fennel Co, who supply Maisy and Grace with their gourmet rubs, for sharing the delicious recipe that follows.  I initially asked if Dan had a winter pie recipe online, and it quickly spiralled into a seriously fantastic lunch at mine, a freshly written recipe, and a blog post to go along with it.  You have to love talented friends, especially of the chef variety!  He even included my favourite of their rubs into it, making it far less likely for me to muck up the flavour when it’s my turn to cook…

Escape this terrible weather we’ve been having, and warm up with a pie!

Enjoy! xx

WFC pie


Ingredients –

Puff pastry (rolled to 0.5cm thick)
1 medium sized pumpkin – skinned, de seeded and chopped
3 red onions – peeled and chopped
1 tin of white haricot beans
30 grams Wild Fennel Co. Chicken rub (no chickens where used or harmed in the making of this rub)
100 ml cream
100g butter
Salt and pepper to season
1 egg for glazing pastry
50ml grape seed oil – for roasting
Hand full of chopped fresh herbs (if you have them on hand)

Method –

Roast the pumpkin and onion with the grape seed oil until it is caramelised and soft in a pre heated oven (180 degrees).
Once cooked, take out and allow to cool at room temperature.
In a medium sized pan bring the cream, butter, and Wild Fennel Co. Chicken rub to the boil, then simmer for 5mins.
Open and wash the haricot beans. Pat them dry, then mix all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Check your seasoning and transfer to your pie dish.
Whisk your egg, and brush the top and side of the pie dish so that your pastry will stick, and won’t shrink when cooking. Place puff pasty over your pie and press around the sides with your fingers.
Brush with egg wash and poke a few wholes in the top with a sharp knife to allow steam to escape. Bake in the oven for 15/20mins then serve.

Serving suggestions –

If you are looking for a non vegetarian option, adding some smoked fish, or roasting chicken or pork along with the pumpkin is always a welcome addition.

Pair with a salad of red cabbage, mandarin oil, sultanas and fresh herbs for some fresh crunch. And wash down with a local bottle of plonk, Awhitu Chardonnay or Cliff Edge Rose.

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