DIY Laundry Makeover Before & After!

IMG_9648 Last weekend I decided it was finally time to tackle the mess that was my laundry area.  A different sized washer and dryer made any sort of folding area impossible, and space for anything else was at a premium while trying to balance items on the two appliances.  I had enough!  In my house it’s an area that’s used daily, and I fully believe spaces can be both practical and pretty!  A makeover doesn’t automatically mean it has to break the bank either.  I finished this project for less than $35, and just pulled a few finishing touches from other areas of the house! IMG_6614 copy For those that don’t already know, I LOVE any excuse to bust out the power tools and build something.  So one of the pallets I had ageing in the backyard was perfect for the job once I cleaned off the spider webs, and evicted the earwigs.  Originally this pallet was going to become a coffee table, but laundry inspiration struck and plans changed!  With the help of my trusty Kreg Jig Jr to join the pieces using pocket holes, it was built in no time! IMG_6608 Our house doesn’t have a dryer vent built-in, and I hate letting all that damp air sit around in the garage, or having to keep a door wide open during the colder months.  So I decided I could build a rolling platform that the dryer could sit on, and then easily move it to the side wall when needed and pop a vent out the window.  It ended up being the most expensive part of the project at $14 for 4 wheels, but far cheaper than buying a new condenser dryer, and the icky damp air problem is solved! IMG_9653 This is the end result!  A beautiful aged wood benchtop, and a far more usable space!  I now have loads of room for the wash pile, an area to fold, and space for a few Maisy & Grace essentials including SoapNuts, a wooden scrubbing brush and a gardeners nail brush.  I couldn’t be happier with it!  And for those who are interested, the remainder of the $33 was spent on wood for the benchtop supports, and a pack of screws.  Not too bad if I do say so myself 🙂

xx Shari IMG_9660 IMG_9667

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